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November 2nd, 2024 - Lady Bird Lake Trail

A 50 mile Race located in the heart of Austin, Texas



The Start/Finish Line is located next to the Festival Beach Boat Ramp on the Lady Bird Trail, east of I35. Look for the Blue tent when you arrive, pretty hard to miss us. 

Free Parking is available on Chicon St. 

Address: Nash Hernandez Senior Rd, Austin, TX 78702

Packet Pick-Up: 6:00am - 6:55am. 
Packet Pick-up will be located near the start at the main blue tent.

Race Start: 7:00am 
Cutoff: 7:00pm (12 hours)


Runners will run CLOCKWISE around the Lady Bird Lake Trail. 
Each loop is 10 miles. 

Rules are the same as any other Ultra, clock does not stop until you finish or drop out. 

IMPORTANT: The Trail is not marked for the race so please do your homework if you have never ran the trail before. It is super well marked already, and it is just one big loop that runs along town lake. If you happen to get off trail, pull out a map and figure out how to get back on. Downloading the trail on Alltrails is also an option. 


The course is an easy, and relatively flat trail with a few small hills that tend to add up after each lap. The track is a blend of gravel and sidewalk, and runs along the lake in the heart of the city. Be aware, there will be many other runners and bikers out during the race so please be careful. 

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There will be TWO (2) Aid stations for this race
The FIRST aid station will be located at the Start/Finish line.
The SECOND aid station will be located under the Mopac Bridge parking lot by the trail. Distance from First Aid Station to Second is roughly 6 miles. We will have volunteers at both aid stations to help in any way they can.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT AN AID : Water, electrolytes, running gels, chews, sandwiches, fruit, candy, soda, chips, and most things you would typically see at any ultra. If there is anything in particular you need at an aid station, please plan accordingly and we can work on transfering that to an a
id station. 

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL VOLUNTEERS. We know you get tired and a little crabby but please be nice to our volunteers, they are not the reason for your suffering, you are. They are there for free, taking time out of their day to help you accomplish your goal, say thank you and treat them accordingly. 

*If you would like to donate items for an aid station such as Food, Hydration, or Medical Supplies, Please include that in your email on the contact form. Thank you in advance for your donation. 


 Race Results




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